Baby Silicone Gel Spoon
Baby Silicone Gel Spoon
Baby Silicone Gel Spoon
Baby Silicone Gel Spoon
Baby Silicone Gel Spoon
Baby Silicone Gel Spoon

Baby Silicone Spoon And Fork

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Product Details
Product Details

Silicone Spoon And Fork Detail:

Product name: Silicone Spoon And Fork
Material: 100% food grade silicone
Working temperature: -30℃-220℃
Applicable people: more than 6 months
Packing method: opp bag

How To Introduce Silicone Spoon And Fork To Your Baby

Whether you choose to follow a baby-led weaning method, a spoon-fed method or a combination of the two, at some stage you’ll want to introduce foods that don’t work so well as purées or finger foods (spaghetti bolognese – we’re looking at you!

Naturally, there will be a point when you’ll want to introduce cutlery to your baby.

The transition from fingers to forks can be err, somewhat messy! But it’s an important part of your baby’s development and milestone on their journey of learning how to eat. We’ve put together some tips for introducing cutlery to your little one.

Remember – all babies will eventually learn how to use cutlery, so don’t stress. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

WHEN SHOULD I INTRODUCE Silicone Spoon And Fork?

This may depend on the weaning method you choose to follow, but generally the sooner the better.

We’re big fans of choosing whichever weaning method is right for you, and combining a mix of finger foods and spoon-fed purées is something we encourage. If you’re incorporating spoon-feeding into your weaning journey, then we recommend offering a spoon from day one.

If you’re following a baby-led weaning method with finger foods, there’s perhaps less of a need for cutlery during mealtimes. However, having a spoon available alongside food and encouraging your baby to hold this utensil will help them get used to holding a spoon and associating it with mealtimes.

By having cutlery available from the start, it will help your baby to understand that cutlery is a part of mealtimes.


Introducing your baby to cutlery is a three-stage process, starting with a spoon, then a spoon and fork, and then a fork and knife. This will mean baby isn’t overwhelmed with three utensils at once, and they can focus developing their coordination skills using just a spoon at first.

Your baby may be ready to attempt self-feeding somewhere between 9 and 14 months, but as with most things they’ll usually do things at their own pace!

As soon as they show signs of wanting to take the spoon off you (such as reaching to grab it), let them practice! Load the spoon first as they won’t have the skills to do this initially, and let them take it from there. This will help your baby learn how to move food to her mouth.


There’s no rush to introduce a fork, but observe your baby as they move into lumpier foods and are mastering semi-independent feeding (even if it’s a bit messy!).

Once your baby gets more confident with feeding themselves with a pre-loaded, you can start showing them how to scoop food onto the spoon themselves to promote self-feeding.

It’s very unlikely that your baby will master using a spoon from the beginning. If they’re still scooping up food with their hands as well as using the fork or spoon then that’s fine – remember, it’s a gradual process and all about learning and exploring. Trying a wide variety of foods is more important than table manners at this stage!

Silicone Spoon And ForkSilicone Spoon And ForkSilicone Spoon And ForkSilicone Spoon And Fork
Silicone Spoon And ForkSilicone Spoon And Fork


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